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Common clothes moth Tineola bisselliella

Moths are light straw, nearly golden, in colour. Moths typically have their wings tucked along their body scuttling around out of sight in areas such as under sofas or wardrobes . Adults are rarely seen in flight as only males will fly, females do not fly. Adult moths do not feed and are short lived. The larva are yellowish white in colour with a brown head, they build tunnels of silk which are camouflaged using fibres and debris. Larvae measure around 10 mm in length when fully mature.

The larvae feeds on natural fibres like wool,furs, moth damage is also found in carpets and wool clothing.

Following around 5 moults the larvae pupate into adult moths. The entire lifecycle can take as little as 9.5 weeks in optimum conditions although more likely to take longer as development is very much temperature dependant.

The case-bearing moth is very similar in appearance and habits as the common clothes moth. The main difference is the larvae carries its cocoon of silk around with it as it feeds.

Case-bearing Clothes moth Tinea pellionella

The upper side of the forewings is pale brown with three darker spots on the wings. Both pairs of wings have fringed margins. The larva has the habit of carrying a silken tube and often attached to it are particles of wool, fibres, etc from the immediate habitat. The case is open at both ends and the larva is rarely found outside it.