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FLIR Thermal Imaging Surveys

Platinum Pest Control’s FLIR Thermal Imaging Surveys utilise infrared technology to detect and locate hidden pest problems, allowing for quicker and more effective identification of deep rooted infestations otherwise invisible to the naked eye.

The use of FLIR thermal imaging surveys allow us to target treatments to specific areas of your premises, resulting in quicker pest eradication and reducing the overall use of pesticides.

FLIR thermal imaging is suitable for a range of applications including:

FLIR heat imaging to identify pests
  • Identification of pest harbourages in cavity walls and other inaccessible voids.
  • Identification of nocturnal rodent activity.
  • Quick detection of bird roosting and nesting points within a building canopy.
  • Minimal business disruption with night-time FLIR thermal imaging inspections of suspected infestation areas.
  • FLIR thermal imaging tracks the heat signature of pests in hidden locations such as wall cavities, ceiling voids and stored commodities.
  • FLIR cameras using infrared technology scan the premises for pests and proofing issues as part of an in-depth survey and areas that are warmer than the surrounding environment are indicated by a lighter colour on reports.

These areas are then further investigated by us as different heat signatures suggest potential pest problems. Once the pest harbourage has been located by FLIR thermal imaging, pests are identified and we then advise on a targeted treatment plan confined to the specific locations of infestation.

For further information on our FLIR thermal imaging solution, or to schedule a visit, please contact us on 07738 675 486.