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Woodworm or Common furniture Beetle Anobium Punctatrum

The most common form of woodworm beetle is the common furniture beetle. The common furniture woodworm beetle (Anobium punctatum) is a wood boring beetle measuring 2.7-4.5mm in length and has a brown ellipsodial body with a pronotum resembling a monk's cowl.

This woodworm beetle attacks softwood species of timber leaving 1-2mm exit holes. It generally prefers damp, rather than dry wood and the grub will head for, and stays in, plywood for longer than any other timber.

Damp floorboards, damp loft timbers and old furniture where the polished finish has worn off, are good areas where the common furniture woodworm beetle can be found. The common furniture beetle lays its eggs on the timber and the grubs do the damage.